What is a Celebrant ?

A Celebrant is a person that will help plan, write and then present a funeral service to the wishes of the deceased family.

Presiding over a service that gives thanks and celebrates a life. By initially contacting me I will arrange a meeting, either at the family home or somewhere local if you prefer.

I will work with the funeral director of your choice and we will discuss the service and how you want it presented. Your service, Your way.

My fees are in line with the recommendations of the fellowship of professional celebrants and are less expensive than a minister or priest.

Your service can be completely non religious, or it can include Hymns, Readings, Poetry, Songs or whatever you require.

The funeral service is the start of healing from your loss, the Ceremony has two main purposes: firstly to celebrate the life of your loved one, and secondly to sensitively acknowledge your great sadness at this time.

For many people today, their lifestyle means that traditional religion has played less of a part than in the past. This means, perhaps, that a typical funeral service conducted by a minister of religion is not always appropriate as a celebration for the deceased and can cause divisions within the family.

For this reason, the ceremonies that I create focus on life and not death. far from being sad and sombre they are positive and uplifting. 

 I will meet the family of the deceased to discuss their requirements and create the most appropriate kind of funeral ceremony. I will also find out about the life of the deceased in order to create a fitting tribute / eulogy if this is required. (If this is impractical because of distance, then I will do this on the telephone or via e-mail)

I will create a unique bespoke funeral celebration; one which is just right for the individual.

You may want family or close friends to participate in the service; they may provide readings, poems, live music, songs or simply their own personal tributes. There are no set rules for this and I welcome and encourage all those who wish to take part to express their own sentiments and say goodbye in ways that have significance for themselves and all those present.

You may wish to include unusual ways of marking your loss; ways that are meaningful to you, yet inclusive of everyone. 

I am totally independent of either any religious or humanist organisation so I can create a service that reflects each persons belief about life and death.

These uniquely life-centred funeral ceremonies are beautiful and moving. They are especially designed for those who want something more personal and meaningful than a traditional funeral service.

You may wish to make your loved ones funeral semi religious? This can be done too, I am also an ordained minister in the universal life church.

I will work alongside you to provide a fitting send off to your loved one, and am with you from start to finish on your journey to celebrate your departed loved ones life on earth.

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